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What to Expect With Dental Veneers - Fargo, ND

Porcelain Veneers

Unlike people who have a movie star quality smile, smiling can be a less than pleasant experience for those who have less than perfect teeth. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem it comes in the form of a popular cosmetic dental solution, Veneers. Continue reading to learn about this dental treatment offered by Dr. Wehrman. 

What are they

Mainly used to cover up aesthetic issues within your mouth, you can think or a veneer as a mask for your teeth.

Visual aspects veneers can fix are:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Stains and discoloration
  • Misshaping
  • Worn down 
  •  Excessively spaced

Veneers are very durable as they are usually made of porcelain.

What to expect

Your dentist will take an image of your mouth to produce a mold at the beginning of the veneer process. This mold will be used to make your custom veneers. To apply the veneers to the surface of your tooth, the dentist must extract a millimeter of enamel from your teeth. At which point, ultimately makes the veneer treatment a lifelong commitment, so bear that in mind before making your final decision.

Other Options

Lumineers ® are much slimmer than traditional veneers and do not need to remove the enamel of your tooth for application. It removes the possible need for the application of anesthetic or other dental tools. Within two appointments, your first visit with Dr. Wehrman and the actual placement of your prosthetics, the Lumineer ® treatment can be completed.

Be sure to speak to your dentist to find out if this is the best option for you.

For more information

If enhancing the overall appearance of your smile is on your new year’s resolution list, then we invite you to visit Dr. Wehrman and the dental team of Smile Solutions. We are currently located in Fargo, North Dakota and servicing all surrounding locations.