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Don’t Delay Getting Dental Implants – 25% of Bone is Lost in the First Year After Tooth Loss

From difficulties chewing and speaking to a heightened sense of self-awareness that can damage self-esteem, even just one dental implant to replace a missing tooth can change your life. As soon as a tooth is lost, the bone density in that area of the mouth begins to decrease from lack of use, causing a sunken-in appearance and weakening the mouth’s supporting structures. This allows remaining teeth to shift, and leads to even further tooth loss over time. At Smile Solutions, we can help alleviate your daily frustrations and get your smile back with permanent dental implants. This modern solution has quickly become the gold standard in tooth replacement and dental implants are an ideal alternative to traditional options, such as dentures.


15 million people in the U.S. have crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth


3 million have dental implants and that number is growing by 500,000 a year


10 percent of all US dentists place dental implants and that number is increasing

From One Missing Tooth to Complete Tooth Loss, You Have Multiple Dental Implant Options

Have you been considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth? For many of patients, dental implants prove to be the most beneficial option with the best results and the fewest downsides. A dental implant is comprised of three pieces: a titanium post that resembles a screw and implants into the bone, a natural-looking dental crown that sits above the gum line, and an abutment that attaches them. Because of their advanced design, dental implants provide a tooth replacement solution that can last your lifetime and are comparable in almost every way to natural and healthy teeth. Here are some implant options:

Get Your Smile and Your Life Back

Because dental implants fuse directly with the jaw bone, they provide stimulation needed to maintain healthy bone levels, and thus your natural appearance. Dr. Jeremy Wehrman has achieved Fellowship status from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is skilled in dental implant placement and understanding how to use them to achieve functional, and natural-looking results. By choosing to receive dental implants from Dr. Wehrman, you are choosing to:

  • Improve your quality of life
  • Enhance your bite function so you can chew normally and eat the foods you love
  • Restore a normal bite pattern
  • Enhance your cosmetic appearance
  • Take advantage of a natural-looking solution that blends seamlessly into your smile

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