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5% of Children Under the Age of 6 Will Experience Early Childhood Caries (ECC)

ECC (early childhood caries), a common infection caused by bacteria that thrive off sugar within the mouth, can start as early as six months – even before your child’s first tooth has emerged. Left untreated, ECC can affect your child’s speech, physical and nutritional development, and resulting quality of life well into adulthood. To set your child up for a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends visiting a dentist like Dr. Jeremy Wehrman before their first birthday, or when they get their first tooth.

Quality Pediatric Dental Services from a Qualified Dentist

At your child’s first appointment, Dr. Wehrman will check his or her mouth for normal growth and early signs of plaque or decay, and follow up by suggesting any necessary preventative measures. By continuing with scheduled, routine dental cleanings at our office, we can develop a relationship with you and your child to help keep them from developing cavities. Then, as your child matures, we can offer additional services for their dental care, as needed:

  • Orthodontic Treatments
  • Preventative Dentistry
  • Sealants
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal

Eliminating Ties in Tiny Smiles

We understand that your child’s well-being is your top priority and that’s why we’re here to guide you through tongue and lip tie treatment. Dr. Wehrman specializes in providing effective and compassionate care for your little one. With advanced treatment options like a frenectomy, a quick and safe procedure that gently releases the tight tissue causing the tie, we can address the challenges your child may be facing. By using laser-assisted frenectomy, Dr. Wehrman carefully lasers the connective tissue to enhance the mobility and function of the tongue or lip tie.

Once treatment is complete, we will provide tailored oral exercises to strengthen their oral muscles and improve overall function. Our goal is to help your child overcome difficulties with breastfeeding, speech, and dental health, ensuring they can live their lives to the fullest. We’re dedicated to helping you every step of the way, providing support and guidance to ensure the best possible outcomes for your child.

Dental Care That Puts Your Child’s Comfort First

When it comes to providing dental care for your child, Dr. Wehrman has gone above and beyond to offer the highest quality, comfortable, and reliable treatment alternatives. For example, if your child needs orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth or move them into a more desirable position, the traditional solution would be to recommend metal braces; however, Dr. Wehrman is certified in Invisalign®, a more comfortable, convenient and discreet straightening solution. If more complex treatment plans are needed for your child, we also offer sedation dentistry to help them relax in the chair and allow for a more comfortable and safe visit.

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