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The Risks of Teeth Whitening - Fargo, ND

the risks of teeth whitening

The Risks of Teeth Whitening

Is it rewarding enough to have pearly white teeth or are the risks of teeth whitening too much to chance? Well, it depends on a few things – many of which are unique to you and anyone else who decides to cap off their smile with whitening. Learn about the risks associated with various whitening procedures and get a better idea about whether teeth whitening is right for you.

Risks of Whitening at Home or at Mall Kiosks

One of the biggest risks of teeth whitening at home isn’t a threat to your teeth. It’s more a threat to your purse or wallet. While many are effective, home teeth whitening kits may not come close to delivering the result you want. And if that’s the case, it might leave you feeling a little short-changed.

Another significant risk to whitening at home, without guidance from your dentist, is that you may have untreated cavities that will be worsened by the bleach used in a whitening kit.

So unless you’ve got a background in dentistry, it’s a risk to whiten your teeth without talking to your dentist about it. The same is true of mall whitening kiosks, which are typically staffed with sales and support people instead of credentialed dental hygienists.

Risks of Whitening at the Dentist’s Office

Even in the safety of the dentist’s office, there are still a few minor and moderate risks to whitening your teeth.

True of whitening no matter where it’s done, you run the risk of increasing the sensitivity of your teeth. It’s not permanent, but it can cause enough discomfort that someone with relatively white teeth may decide it’s a risk they aren’t willing to take – at least not in the near term anyway.

Like sensitivity issues, you may also experience gum irritation that ultimately subsides in a few hours or a day or two after having your teeth treated.

Sensitivity and gum irritation issues may be slightly more intense in office, since dentists typically use bleaching solutions that are stronger and more effective at whitening than off-the-shelf kits.

If you’ve had crowns, bridges or partial dentures put it, whitening may not be best for you. The porcelain used in dental prostheses such as crowns won’t whiten. So whitening the rest of the teeth in your mouth would contrast with the color of your prostheses.

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