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Signs You Need Dental Implants - Fargo, ND

dental implants

Americans who are missing teeth or have broken, chipped teeth, can greatly benefit from dental implants. If you are concerned about your smile and wonder if you need to see a dentist in Fargo, ND, such as Dr. Wehrman to consider treatment options, watch for the following signs that you may benefit from implants.

dental implantsdental implants

Missing Teeth

Whether you have one missing tooth or an entire mouth, you may benefit from opting for dental implants. It can be a serious hit to your confidence if you are uncomfortable with your smile, and implants are a permanent way to restore it. Implants replace missing teeth and look natural.

Infected Teeth

Some infections can be treated in teeth, but there are times where it is hopeless, and the tooth must be pulled. Rather than leaving an open spot in your mouth, implants are an option. If you leave an open spot, the other teeth can shift over time and turn what was once a straight smile into something you don’t recognize.

Denture Discomfort

Rather than implants, some patients opt for dentures, as they are usually more affordable upfront. Once you are tired of denture care and messy denture adhesives, you may be ready to try dental implants. While they are more expensive at the beginning, they rarely need to be replaced over time, making them the more affordable option in the long term.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

Whenever teeth are cracked or broken, nerves can be exposed and there is often pain and discomfort. While most dentists will attempt to save as much of the natural tooth as they can, there are times where it is better to remove the tooth and place an implant instead. Teeth that are broken below the gingival line almost always must be pulled. Those that are cracked or broken and expose the pulp will likely have to be pulled also to avoid infection.

More Questions? Ask Us

If you think you may be a good candidate for dental implants, it’s time to discuss your options with your dentist. Call us at Smile Solutions to schedule an appointment.

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