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Night and Day: How Dental Implants Improve Lives - Fargo, ND

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It doesn’t happen overnight. Most people don’t wake up missing teeth. Getting to that point can take decades of wear and tear on your teeth and gums. Coming back from that point can take months of planning and collaboration with an oral surgeon. But on the day your dental implants are finally placed and you receive your temporary teeth, you’ll notice that the difference between before and implant placement is like night and day.

To Be Understood

If you’ve been wearing conventional dentures, you’ll notice a drastic difference in how your implant-supported dentures stay in place. That stability means your dentures won’t distort your words by sliding around in your mouth, as happens from time to time with conventional dentures.

Even if you aren’t getting implant-supported dentures, replacing a few or even just one missing tooth with dental implants helps your speech sound more natural again.

Smile Again

The stability of dental implants means you won’t have to worry about overdentures slipping out of place when you smile. And if you’re having single tooth dental implants to replace a few missing teeth, you’ll also likely feel more confident smiling knowing that your smile looks symmetrical once again.

Back on the Menu

Even though it’ll take months for your dental implants to heal, as they’ll have to fuse with the jawbone, you’ll notice marked improvement in your ability to chew through foods that had to be stricken from your diet due to tooth loss.

Jawbone Preservation

When you lose teeth, the area of the jawbone where they were once rooted then begins to deteriorate. Dental implants can stimulate the jawbone, slowing or even stopping the deterioration.

Preserving your jawbone will also help preserve the symmetry of your smile. With extensive bone loss, the impacted area of your face can look sunken and can make your smile look uneven.

Learn More About Dental Implants in Fargo, ND

Take a moment to schedule a time to talk with a local dentist about your options for dental implants in Fargo, ND.

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