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Why Dental Implants Are the Best Tooth Replacement Option - Fargo, ND

Why Dental Implants Are the Best Tooth Replacement Option

Patients are hearing more and more about how dental implants are their best choice for the replacement of missing teeth. For many years, it was thought that implants were a good option, but the research wasn’t there to demonstrate success rates or compare them to other techniques. A concentrated effort over the past decade has shown just how well implant patients do, though, and most professionals now acknowledge they simply provide better results in most cases. There are always patients for whom implants are simply not an option for various reasons. To learn whether you qualify or not, you’ll need to talk to a dentist in Fargo, ND, about your case.

Grafts and Support Procedures

Patients who were previously told they are not candidates for implants need to ask for a second opinion, because a large part of the rise in implant success rates has been the development of new surgical techniques. The idea of using bone or tissue grafts to support implant anchors is hardly new, but the specific techniques allowing for more versatile applications of the principle have to be developed independently over time.

Now that implants have become the mainstream choice for replacing teeth, there has been a lot more development on this front. As a result, patients who lacked the supporting tissue for implants before can often access them now.

Permanent Tooth Replacement

On top of a great success rate that has only gotten better, dental implants represent the only truly permanent tooth replacement option. As long as the anchors aren’t damaged, individual replacement teeth can be changed out if they get cracked or chipped, and the anchors are designed to never need replacement. Of course, severe injuries do happen, but they are rare. The best part is that complications from placement are also easier to mitigate, meaning:

  • Fewer failed replacements than ever before
  • Easier healing processes for challenging patients
  • Better support during recovery, even when the unexpected happens

Make an appointment with our office today to learn more about how implants would work for your needs.

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